Japan Disaster


I am not endorsing this but it is my personal feeling and that of Gails that if you feel as we do about the disater that has destroyed much of Japan, that they need help.  As we (FRRS) are a not for profit organization as is the Red Cross, any help we can give these people would be appreciated.  I am not making this polictical or any other specific group support, but I think that giving a few of hard earned dollars to help these people is only personally a good thing to do as Americans.  Do NOT read anything into this other than as President of a not for profit organization we can help another not for profit organization support a people in need without polictical bias or ulterial motives.  We have are own problems in this country but in watching what has been going on in Japan very closely in the last week, we would be helping the average citizen that needs water, food and all the other things we take for granted everyday.   

Like I said,  this is NOT in anyway an endorsement by the FRRS of the Red Cross or any other agency, this is a personal observation from me to all our members.  If you don’t agree, thats OK. 


Rod McClure 

Life Member

About lolunar

President FRRS
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