Around the Museum, 7/18/12

A fantastic weekend, followed by a fantastic week! That’s the best way to characterize current goings-on at the museum. We had a BUSY, BUSY, BUSY weekend, which again is great news. Lots of visitors and lots of volunteers who turned out to help, too. Our crew was pretty thin on Monday, just Gail McClure in the Company Store and Craig Simmons doing RALs. Although business was slow (visitor-wise, anyway) today, we had a good volunteer crew. Stephanie Parker was in the Company Store and Charlie Spikes did RALs. Matt Parker was go-fer, tour guide, and cleaned up around the facility (including the mess made by a raid on our dumpster which appears to have been mounted by Yogi Bear). Matt and David Elems, along with Deanna Fecko, continued work on WP caboose 428 – in the afternoon, when it was discovered that WP 917-D needed lube oil and water added, Matt and David quickly switched hats and became service technicians, attending to this motor. Our steam crew has began arriving for the work session taking place through this weekend – today members Bob Sims, Chris Allan, and Roger Stabler all arrived. There was a whole lot of barbecuing going on this evening. . .yum! The weather is great, and it’s a great time to be in Portola!

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