Around the Museum, 7/19/12

The remnants of Tropical Storm Fabio arrived last night, bringing some clouds and sprinkles through the day. Not enough, however, to dampen spirits here at the museum. A good number of happy visitors and a great crowd of volunteers turning out for the beginning of WP 165 Summer Work Session. Faces in the crowd included Stephanie Parker, Chris Allan, Charlie Spikes, Bob Sims, Hank Stiles, Dave Anderson, and Roger Stabler. Our favorite wrench fanatic Seth Adams also showed up and went to work on WP 1503, fixing many of the electrical connections severed when the “smart start” system was removed from it. An attempt was made to fire the engine, but the governor does not want to pull in on its own, so Seth is back to pouring over the electrical diagrams. Also joining us today was new member and volunteer Steven Parry. Steve is a young man who lives nearby and is interested in railroading, so he has joined our organization to learn what he can, and we certainly welcome his participation. He worked with the steam crew today. Work completed on the 165 today included cleaning and painting on the drivers, and some welding work on the boiler. A good crowd and lots of work getting accomplished making for a great day!

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