Portola Railroad Days Wrap-Up

. . .how can we even begin, as we wrap up a weekend like this?

Well, let’s start with a general observation. It is estimated that the crowd drawn to Portola Railroad Days was significantly less than last year. But, our business numbers were better than last year, which is great news!

The success of this weekend is the result of the selfless efforts of our core group of volunteers. Thank you so much to Gail McClure, Stephanie Parker, Deanna Fecko, Greg Elems, David Elems, Matt Elems, Loren Ross, Charlie Spikes, Ethan Doty, Jerry Richardson, Bob Sims, Rod McClure, Steve Habeck, Matt Shuman, Ron Huey, Alex Wilson, Burr Wilson, Ed Powell, Rick Gruninger, and Matt Parker. We always enjoy the company of Tim Carter, but it was particularly good to see him this weekend as he continues to recuperate from several recent surgeries. All of these volunteers combined their efforts to make this weekend the best of this summer for our museum! Again, thanks to all of you and to any others who may have been missed in this report!

The volunteers mentioned pitched in to tidy up the museum in preparation for all of the visitors we entertained this weekend. With their help, from Friday through today we ran caboose trains, gave motorcar rides, and conducted equipment tours to entertain our guests. Special visitor UP 6936, the last operating DDA-40X locomotive (a member of Union Pacific Railroad’s historic locomotive collection) was running and open for public tours.

The efforts of our hard working volunteers were rewarded Saturday evening with a barbecue dinner and live music under a spectacular Sierra sunset transcending into a star-filled sky. The music was provided by FRRS Member Rick Gruninger’s band, “Bad Neighbors.” A great time was had by all!

Many, many thanks to our hard-working volunteers and to those visitors who were able to join us for this event that marks another great success for the Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola!

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