All About Portola Railroad Days 2013

Railroad Days was a success this year, due in no small part to the very hard work done by a group of dedicated volunteers.  While crowds were down, revenues were up and our guests, with a few exceptions, seemed very pleased with their visits.  Train rides were the popular event of the day and we were so busy that instead of running on a schedule as is the norm, we would load up the train and go from 12 noon to 4 pm.  Guests were entertained with live music by Reno (and member Rick Gruninger’s) band, Rock Shop, who brought down the house during the day and kicked it for our volunteers at night while they enjoyed a dinner catered by local Mexican restaurant, Ricos (outstanding food, by the way – check them out next time you are in town).  They also enjoyed two model railroad layouts provided by our friends Mel Jones and Bob Sandin (N-scale), and Paul and Chris Martinovich (HO-scale).  Many took home souvenirs purchased in the gift shop and bought tickets to a raffle where the grand prize was a one hour Run-A-Locomotive session.

All in all, the revenue and PR provided by the event was a huge benefit to the Feather River Rail Society!

I can’t thank enough the hard working volunteers who made this event possible.  Eugene Vicknair created a spectacular poster and advertisement published in all the local papers to draw visitors to the property.  Steve Habeck was in charge of getting the property looking good and making the equipment accessible to our visitors.  David Elems, Matt Elems, Greg Elems, Charlie Spikes, Sam Herschbein (all the way from Seattle!), Tim Carter, Ethan Doty, Deanna Fecko, Cody Wilson, Matt Parker, Fred Elenbaas and I provided the labor to make Steve’s plan come to reality.  Our always professional train crew included Matt E., Greg, Charlie, Tim, Ethan, Rick and Fred, as well as newcomer Steve Cope and Superintendent of Operations, Bill Parker.  Steve and David provided troubleshooting expertise.  Deanna and I worked the Gift Shop, and Sam did not let anyone by him without suggesting purchase of our raffle tickets or a donation to the organization. If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my sincere apologies…

If you have an opportunity to meet any of these hard working people, please be sure to thank them for their dedication to the organization and for giving of their time and sweat to make your Feather River Rail Society, and Western Pacific Railroad Museum, prosper.

Gail A. McClure, Volunteer


Director / Gift Shop Coordinator

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