FRRS Spring Fundraiser

The FRRS’ Spring Fundraising Campaign is now in progress.  Members have received their donation letters recently and I have heard we are already seeing returns from it.

This campaign is very special as we are kicking off our first capital campaign aimed at a building.  In February, a steel building company approached us with an amazing deal on a 100′ X 200′ building that had been cancelled by another customer.  We were given a chance to acquire it at less than half of retail value, plus 10 years to pay with no interest and no storage fees.  And they even made modifications to the plans and building kit to suit our needs at no charge!  This is a tremendous opportunity that will give us not only storage for a good number of rolling stock items, but also space for displays showcasing materials from our archives.

In addition, we have two painting projects in the pipeline for this years: Central California Traction caboose 24 and Western Pacific SW1500 1503, the last switcher acquired by the WP.  Assisting us in these projects are retired members of the Union Pacific Steam Crew who bring a lot of experience and historic knowledge to ensure these pieces get the best of care.

We’re also moving ahead with the property fencing project started last year.  While not a project that gets many people excited, this critical improvement to our property will help protect all our collections as well as our members, volunteers and guests.  (And maybe ensure that Steve Habeck doesn’t get any more lunches stolen by bears!)

WP 0-6-0 165 has also been seeing a lot a specialized work as she moves closer to operation.  We’re in the details part of that project and your support is needed.  Steam locomotives run on three things: fuel, water and funds.  Help return WP steam to life!

To help support the FRRS and the preservation of the archives, facilities, rolling stock and artifacts, please consider a gift today.  Donations received in this campaign will be split between the building fund and general funds / projects.

You can donate via mail at FRRS 2015 Spring Fundraiser, P O Box 608, Portola, CA  96122, or via PayPal donation at

Thank you for supporting the Western Pacific!

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Director and Secretary for the FRRS. Manager of the Zephyr Project. Funding Chair for FRRS. Vice-President of Driven Innovation LRV, a professional design firm.
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