More Convention Information!

And now some updates on the 2015 Convention in Elko, NV.

Our guest speaker will be Mike Kessler, retired WP engineer.  Mr. Kessler grew up in Carlin, NV and hired out in Stockton in 1972.  He spent a lot of time working the Highline and the East End of the WP.  He has some great stories and details to share about working the railroad and is also looking to bring some other WP friends along to share their stories.  Should be a great banquet!

We have seats still available for the Nevada Northern excursion and tour!  As mentioned, this will feature a 90 minute STEAM POWERED excursion to Ruth with a photo run-by, plus catered lunch (chicken and beef philly style sandwiches, salad, extras and beverages, plus dessert) and the yard / shop tour.

The following shows / clinics are scheduled for the Convention:

. Nevada Northern and the Western Pacific – by Mark Bassett, NNRy Museum Executive Director

. Western Pacific East End and California Zephyr films from the Virgil Staff collection

. Last Days of the Sacramento Northern Electrics – by Matthew Vurek

. The Feather and the Bear, the Western Pacific and the McCloud River Railroad – by Jeff Moore

. Flowery Lakes Pass – Tunnel Construction and Shoo-Fly – by Wayne Monger

. The Loneliest Line, Western Pacific’s Deep Creek Railroad – by Eugene Vicknair

. Whether to Weather, model railroad weathering clinic – by Bill Meeker

plus we will have a presentation by a retired WP conductor currently volunteering with the Nevada Northern museum on East End operations, and we have a couple more special presentations in the works….

The raffle has received some great prizes from various vendors including Pentrex, Kalmbach, Broadway Limited, Kadee and others.  With the positive response we received from last year’s “Vote by Raffle Ticket” for next year’s convention location, we will be doing it again this year.  The candidates will be Lodi (Central California Traction territory) and San Jose (WP branchline).

We want you to be there with us in Elko!  If you still need to register, go to and either register on-line or download the mail in form.  If you have questions, please contact 2015 Convention Chair Eugene Vicknair at

Thank you and see you in Elko on April 24-25!

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