2015 Western Pacific Convention reported in Elko newspaper and news website

Our convention made the front page of the Elko Daily Free Press today and was also featured on their website:


The reaction from the attendees so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and the presentations received a lot of praise across the board.  The guest speaker on Saturday was Mike Kessler, retired WP engineer.  He was very popular with the attendees and brought not only items from his personal railroad memorabilia collection, but also several friends who were also former WP employees.

On Sunday, 28 attendees took a trip to Ely and the Nevada Northern were they received a 2+ hour chartered steam ride with two photo runbys.  After the trip, the train pulled up to the Ely Enginehouse and Machine Shop and the group received a guided tour of the facilities.  The day ended with a stop at the Nevada Northern station of Currie.

We have been given a special invitation to do the 2016 Convention in Lodi, California.  Planning has already begun and we hope to announce details within two months.

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