Election Update 5/15/15

Members, On Monday 5/11 I attended a court hearing in Quincy on behalf of the FRRS that was brought against us by Members Mason, Reininger, Meeker, and Baer for complete access to our Mailing list and to have a “neutral” oversee the upcoming elections. Simple explanation is this small group of members with their own agenda wants to be able to contact the FRRS membership privately with their untruths and groundless accusations without having to abide by FRRS Policies and Procedures. This comes after two of the candidates, Mason and Reininger, did not follow published rules regarding the timeline that all the other candidates followed in submitting their payment for printing and mailing. Along with this, they also demand a “neutral” party to oversee the elections. This comes with unsupported accusations of election fraud in past elections……

As all the details of the outcome of the hearing are not yet published, I won’t go into specifics yet. Suffice to say that the FRRS did not lose nor did it win this legal action. It did however cost the FRRS money to pay for our Consul. Along with myself and Gail, we had Rick Gruninger and Lissa, Tom Carter, Alicia Le Break, and also there to support the FRRS was Portola City Manager, Robert Meachem. On the opposing side, only Debbie Baer was present from the Plaintiff’s side along with FRRS Director Kirk Baer, Director Wayne Monger, Mr and Mrs Hank Stiles and Mr and Mrs Dave Anderson.

I am sure you will soon see more noise from this little group. Keep in mind that the incumbent candidates will be presenting FACTS with proof to you for your consideration in the upcoming elections. I will update all of you later this week with details regarding the elections.

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