Around the Museum

There have been a lot of things happening around the WP Museum in the last few weeks.  Would like to take a minute and share a few with everyone….

First off, a crew from the California Conservation Corp came by several weekends ago and added over 30 more poles to the perimeter fence project over 2 days.  And this work was performed for free.  The FRRS and the CCC have enjoyed a great relationship going back several years and I am working with them to find another slot to get a crew on property along with a crew of FRRS volunteers to perform more work on the fence.  Thank you to the CCC!

Burr and Alex Wilson installed one of the new doors on the Silver Debris Lounge Car recently.  They also worked on the train crew last weekend and performed some other volunteer work around the facility.  Thank you for your help, gentlemen!

David Elems continues to be the go to guy for getting projects done.  He has been invaluable.

RALs are up this year and several of our RAL instructors have really stepped in to handle the volume.  Special thanks to Charlie Spikes and Craig Simmons.

Work continues on WP F7A 917.  Greg Elems and his boys have been working hard on her.  SN caboose 1642 has also been seeing some work thanks to Duane VanDerVeen, who also takes care of a lot of other projects around the place.

It has been great to see Bil Jackson and Loren Ross again.  Thanks for all your work!

With help from the Portola City Manager Robert Meacher, we are working on grant applications with the city to benefit several big projects, including restorations and archives.

And of course a big shout out to our Steam Crew.  WP 165 keeps moving forward in her restoration.  Hope to have more information on that front soon.

Thanks to everyone for their support of the Society and the Western Pacific!

Eugene Vicknair

Secretary – FRRS

About zephyrus805

Director and Secretary for the FRRS. Manager of the Zephyr Project. Funding Chair for FRRS. Vice-President of Driven Innovation LRV, a professional design firm.
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