2015 Election Completed


A simple 4 letter word sent over crude telegraph wires marked the end of a colossal feat; the completion of a railroad that would unite the country with a ribbon of steel rails on May 10, 1869.

Done is a good descriptive to finally sum up the results of the legal fiasco that has become the 2015 Board of Directors Election.  As of Saturday, August 7th, it’s FINALLY done, over, and finished.  The membership has spoken, and we are proud to announce that the honesty and integrity of the society has prevailed and Directors Habeck, McClure, and Vicknair have retained their seats and the Feather River Rail Society has survived this recent coup attempt by FRRS members James Mason, Robert Reininger, Debra Baer, William Meeker and Keith Gillette, who sued the society and took over the election in Plumas County Superior Court.  While the procedural, financial and behavioral issues behind the scenes of this fiasco are far from over and will be dealt with, the election is in fact over and the membership has spoken.


On behalf of the Feather River Rail Society, we sincerely apologize for the strife and inconvenience that this has caused our membership during what has become the biggest obstacle that the FRRS has had to overcome in its 31 year history.  Fighting for what is fair and right has been a monumental feat.   We appreciate the support shown to your trusted, elected officials and we thank you all.

Now, back to productive work we go….

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