Around the Museum, 8/17/15

Greetings, everyone.  Matt Parker here again with a report on activities around our museum.

It was another great day in Portola, in terms of weather as well as volunteer and visitor activity.   I began the day by driving over at the crack of dawn so I could go for a bike ride out to Lake Davis and back, grabbing breakfast along the way, and be back in time for a shower before opening time.

When I returned from the bike ride, Charlie Spikes had arrived and was working on some weed abatement in the parking lot.  Our Gift Shop Attendant Elise arrived promptly on time.  She had mentioned last week that she was expecting a big shipment of merchandise to arrive by today, and so I was figuring I would spend much of the day assisting her in getting the merchandise labelled and put on the shelves.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that yesterday’s Gift Shop Attendant, Jazmine, along with our Operations Supervisor Rick Gruninger’s girlfriend Lisa, had already labelled and stocked it all yesterday.  Great job, ladies, and thanks!

Bil Jackson, Loren Ross, and Vice President Steve Habeck were also on hand.  Bil went to work cleaning inside our Business Car, UP 105, while Loren cleaned up messes left by the large bear who frequently includes our museum in his nighttime raids around town.

It wasn’t long before we had a request from some visitors for a walk-in RAL (Run-A-Locomotive – Elise is so good at selling them!).  Loren handled that.  In the meantime, I was visiting with visitors, conducting equipment tours, and spelling Elise so she could take a lunch break.  When she returned, it was my turn to head back over to Nichole’s Coffee Depot and grab a bite.  Upon returning to the museum, a father and son had decided they wished to do an RAL.  I took that one so that Loren could take a lunch break.  We had a great time, and the young man who did most of the running said he was really looking forward upon returning home to the Bay Area to being able to tell his young railfan friends as they were watching trains go by, “Hey, I’ve run one of those!”

Once this RAL was completed, our switch crew consisting of Steve, Loren, Charlie, and Bil, along with Matt and David Elems (who arrived while I was doing the RAL) went to work setting up our equipment displays for Portola Railroad Days this weekend.  I retrieved some more merchandise from storage for Elise to stock, then grabbed my camera and headed out to the yard to get some picture of “the boys and their toys” in action.  All in all, it was another great day for the museum with lots of work getting done around the property and a good dose of happy visitors.

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