Santa Trains postscript

Four words:  Best.  Santa Trains.  Ever.

Our team at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum has been working to grow and improve this event, and this effort was most certainly evident this year.  We broke records across the board, from attendance to gift shop sales, admissions, and donations.  Why?  Because we have a STRONG LEADERSHIP TEAM and the BEST VOLUNTEERS in the Heritage Tourism/Historic Railroad business.

At the center of this event is Vice President Steve Habeck and his family, for whom this event is truly both a labor of love and a family affair.  They take care of decorating the baggage and dining cars as well as other interior areas of the shop.  You will see them all there every night of the event:  Steve, his wife Mary, daughters Kathy and Jennifer (and, now, their husbands), sister-in-law Vickie and her boyfriend Eddie, with the ladies handling the distribution of the hot beverages and baked goods to the visitors.

Other families include Director Greg Elems and his son, David (son Matt has been a big help in years past – he recently relocated to Southern Nevada, but we hope eventually that circumstances will return him to us), Bart Hansen along with his father and brother, Burr and Alex Wilson, Ethan Doty and Ali – all are great assets to us as volunteers, along with the many other volunteers in our “core group” who work to make this and all museum events a success.

Since the WP entered the 21st Century in its current incarnation in Portola, our core group of volunteers has been of ONE HEART and ONE MIND in pursuing ONE PURPOSE:  raising the bar every year in regard to the performance of our organization and museum while overcoming the challenges faced in doing so.  Culminating in the Santa Train event, 2015 has again been a year of success in accomplishing this, again, because of a STRONG LEADERSHIP TEAM and the BEST VOLUNTEERS in the business.

Many, many thanks to all of the volunteers whose efforts contributed in making this event an unprecedented success, and the year 2015 a success as well.  Thanks as well to those members who attended the Santa Trains this year – make sure to put us on your calendars for December 2016, especially if you couldn’t make it this year.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, and here’s to looking forward to an even more successful year in 2016!

Matt Parker

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Director and Secretary for the FRRS. Manager of the Zephyr Project. Funding Chair for FRRS. Vice-President of Driven Innovation LRV, a professional design firm.
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