WP 917-D Start-up

Western Pacific F7A 917-D has been receiving a lot of work recently, including mechanical repair and body prep.  She was recently fired up after being down for service over the winter.

Being over 60 years old, this long-serving freight locomotive has a lot of body work needed.  Small areas are being tackled now with larger panels to be replaced soon.  The goal is to complete the work with a full repainting into one of the WP paint schemes the engine wore, either a version of orange and silver, or the later green and orange from the “Fab 4” days.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have been working so hard on 917, in particular the Elems Family.

About zephyrus805

Director and Secretary for the FRRS. Manager of the Zephyr Project. Funding Chair for FRRS. Vice-President of Driven Innovation LRV, a professional design firm.
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