Winter at the WPRM


January 11 saw the museum receive another few inches of snow.

The week of January 9th saw a large amount of weather activity in the Sierra Nevada mountains, with flooding issues in many places, such as Reno, and through the Feather River Canyon. Luckily the museum was spared any major flooding outside the usual snow melt.


Fritz operates the backhoe, steadily clearing the way to the front gates.

The middle of the week saw temperatures drop and another storm move through the area, leaving several inches of snow on top of the previous accumulation, necessitating a trip to the Museum to begin the process of clearing access for the upcoming board meeting. Fritz made his way to the backhoe, and began the process of starting it, while I found a shovel and began clearing a path from the entrance to the parking lot, and through the snow berms to various doors around the shop.


Fritz in his usual snow removal attire, shoveling snow from in front of the entrance gates to allow them to open freely.

After successfully clearing the way to the shop from the front gate, and running out of useful daylight, we put the backhoe away and headed back to Reno.


A clear entrance, with a line of stored Union Pacific locomotives in the background.

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