Election Update 5/15/15

Members, On Monday 5/11 I attended a court hearing in Quincy on behalf of the FRRS that was brought against us by Members Mason, Reininger, Meeker, and Baer for complete access to our Mailing list and to have a “neutral” oversee the upcoming elections. Simple explanation is this small group of members with their own agenda wants to be able to contact the FRRS membership privately with their untruths and groundless accusations without having to abide by FRRS Policies and Procedures. This comes after two of the candidates, Mason and Reininger, did not follow published rules regarding the timeline that all the other candidates followed in submitting their payment for printing and mailing. Along with this, they also demand a “neutral” party to oversee the elections. This comes with unsupported accusations of election fraud in past elections……

As all the details of the outcome of the hearing are not yet published, I won’t go into specifics yet. Suffice to say that the FRRS did not lose nor did it win this legal action. It did however cost the FRRS money to pay for our Consul. Along with myself and Gail, we had Rick Gruninger and Lissa, Tom Carter, Alicia Le Break, and also there to support the FRRS was Portola City Manager, Robert Meachem. On the opposing side, only Debbie Baer was present from the Plaintiff’s side along with FRRS Director Kirk Baer, Director Wayne Monger, Mr and Mrs Hank Stiles and Mr and Mrs Dave Anderson.

I am sure you will soon see more noise from this little group. Keep in mind that the incumbent candidates will be presenting FACTS with proof to you for your consideration in the upcoming elections. I will update all of you later this week with details regarding the elections.

WP Lives!

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Some quick photos from the 2015 Convention

Here are a few photos I quickly grabbed with my camera phone.  I have more with my big camera that I will post later.


Currie NV station during convention excursion stop

Currie NV station during convention excursion stop

Mark Bassett, Executive Director of NNRy Museum, speaks at the convention

Mark Bassett, Executive Director of NNRy Museum, speaks at the convention

Riding behind NNRy 40 to Keystone, NV

Riding behind NNRy 40 to Keystone, NV

Red Lion sign welcoming WP Convention 04 26 15 EJV 72 dpi 1400 px

The Red Lion folks were great.  We were all really surprised when we saw the logos on their marquee sign.

Also, not enough good things can be said about the Nevada Northern folks, the charter driver who took us to and from Ely and the presenters this year.  The NN rolled out the red carpet, the charter driver was very accommodating of our group and very professional and friendly, and the presentations were all top caliber.  Thank you all!

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2015 Western Pacific Convention reported in Elko newspaper and news website

Our convention made the front page of the Elko Daily Free Press today and was also featured on their website:


The reaction from the attendees so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and the presentations received a lot of praise across the board.  The guest speaker on Saturday was Mike Kessler, retired WP engineer.  He was very popular with the attendees and brought not only items from his personal railroad memorabilia collection, but also several friends who were also former WP employees.

On Sunday, 28 attendees took a trip to Ely and the Nevada Northern were they received a 2+ hour chartered steam ride with two photo runbys.  After the trip, the train pulled up to the Ely Enginehouse and Machine Shop and the group received a guided tour of the facilities.  The day ended with a stop at the Nevada Northern station of Currie.

We have been given a special invitation to do the 2016 Convention in Lodi, California.  Planning has already begun and we hope to announce details within two months.

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2015 Western Pacific Convention pre-registration ending

The final day for pre-registration for the 2015 Western Pacific Railroad Historic Convention in Elko, Nevada is tomorrow, April 18.

This is also the last day to register for the Saturday night banquet and the special Nevada Northern charter excursion and tour.
The convention will be held April 24-25, 2015, at the Red Lion Inn in Elko.  The Nevada Northern event is Sunday, April 26.
Convention goers also get a special discount admission to the Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko, and a chance to sign up for small group tours of the UP Elko Yard.
Presentations at this year’s convention include histories of the Nevada Northern and the McCloud River and the relationship those roads had with the Western Pacific, a look at the history and modelling of WP’s SW1500s, details of the WP’s construction in the Flowery Lakes area of Nevada, remembering the end of Sacramento Northern’s electric operations, a look at the Deep Creek Railroad, a clinic on model weathering and films from the Virgil Staff collection, as well as personal histories from former WP employees.
Please join us for a great time in Elko!
Discount rooms are still available at the Red Lion for convention attendees.  Discount room rates also end tomorrow.
To register on line, go to http://convention.wplives.org
Eugene Vicknair
2015 WP Convention Chair
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2015 Western Pacific Convention update

Here is the preliminary clinic / presentation schedule for the 2015 Convention in Elko, April 24-26, 2015

2015 WP Historic Convention Clinic and Event List
date time presenter title topic
Friday 10:00 AM Registration / Info Table / Vendor Room Opens
Friday 11:45 PM Doors open
Friday 12:00 PM Introduction
Friday 12:15 PM TBA TBA
Friday 12:35 PM The California Zephyr – 67-68 Films from the Virgil Staff Collection
Friday 1:10 PM Harry Baynes Reminisces of Working for the WP Harry Baynes shares his experiences of working for the Western Pacific
Friday 1:45 PM BREAK
Friday 2:15 PM Mark Bassett – Executive Director NNRy Museum The Nevada Northern and the Western Pacific A look at the history and interaction of the Western Pacific and the Nevada Northern Ry
Friday 3:20 PM Western Pacific’s SW1500s History, operations, preservation and modelling of the WP’s last switchers
Friday 4:45 PM Vendor and Exhibit Room Closes
Saturday 9:00 AM Registration / Info Table Opens
Saturday 9:30 AM Doors Open
Saturday 10:00 AM Introduction
Saturday 10:05 AM Wayne Monger Flowery Lake Pass Tunnel (#43) – Construction and Shoo-fly WP’s construction in the Flowerly Lake Pass area of Nevada
Saturday 11:05 AM The Western Pacific East End Films from the Virgil Staff Collection
Saturday 12:00 PM LUNCH BREAK
Saturday 1:30 PM Jeff Moore The Feather and the Bear – the Western Pacific and the McCloud River Railroad History of the relationship between the WP and the McCloud River Railroad
Saturday 2:10 PM Bill Meeker Whether to Weather Model railroad weathering clinic
Saturday 2:45 PM BREAK
Saturday 3:10 PM Eugene Vicknair Western Pacific’s Deep Creek Railroad – The Loneliest Line A history of the Deep Creek Railroad
Saturday 3:50 PM Matthew Vurek and Edward F. Graham Last Days of the Sacramento Northern Electrics A look at the end of SN’s final electric operations
Saturday 4:30 PM BREAK
Saturday 4:45 PM Vendor and Exhibit Room Closes
Saturday 6:45 PM keynote speaker: Michael Kessler, former WP employee Western Pacific Banquet
Sunday 7:30 AM Nevada Northern Excursion and Tour
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CREW TRAINING: April 11-12

Just another reminder that the first crew training this season is in 11½ hours.

Location:  Silver Plate dining car, located at the west end of the diesel shop.

Time:  09:00 to 15:00

It is recommended that you bring a pen and/or pencil.

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2015 Western Pacific Historic Convention update

The Convention in Elko, NV is coming up April 24-26, 2015

We have extended the pre-registration deadline for the convention, and the deadline for the banquet and the Nevada Northern extra fare trip.

The new deadline is Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Please visit http://convention.wplives.org for on-line registration or to download registration forms.  (note the forms currently have the old deadline on them, but the website has been changed)  Mailed registration postmarked by April 17, 2015 will still be accepted.

Also, we are finalizing details for the Elko Yard tours and should be posting those soon.

See you in Elko!

Eugene Vicknair

2015 Convention Chair

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